DigiFinland Oy – Project concerning remote appointment functionality of Omaolo service

We provided DigiFinland Oy with a legal assessment concerning applicable data protection and patient data regulation related to Omaolo service.

The assessment prepared by us was a part of so-called remote appointment project launched by DigiFinland Oy, which examines the linking of the Omaolo service to regional and local remote appointment systems in health and social care, and the possibility of integrating the Omaolo service into such systems. Omaolo is an electronic service and service channel for social welfare, health care and oral health care, which supports self-service in personal care and directs the patient to appropriate assistance if necessary. The premise is the reform of the operating models for social and health services.

In addition to data protection regulation, the comprehensive assessment evaluated the applicability and impact of legislation applied to client and patient data on the Omaolo service and the remote appointment project. A wide range of data use and disclosure situations and types of data related to the Omaolo service, and the impacts of the new Act on the Electronic Processing of Client Data in Healthcare and Social Welfare, and the impacts of the introduction of digital Kanta services on the project were evaluated.

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