Krista Hautakoski appointed as Associate

Krista Hautakoski

Krista Hautakoski has been appointed as Associate as of 25 April 2023. “It has come a full circle! In the middle of my studies, I worked as a Trainee at Lieke. During my traineeship, I assisted the Dispute Resolution team in an extensive litigation case, which gave me a good perspective of the work of a dispute resolution expert. A strong interest remained, and now I am happy to continue my career at Lieke with the same colleagues I worked with previously!” Krista specializes in dispute resolution, employment law and company law. “Before joining Lieke, I’ve had the opportunity to work in a variety of trainee positions in law firms, as well as in the Big Four company and the public sector. My previous work experience will come to good use when solving the legal challenges of the Lieke’s clients.”